I was the original hoarder of premium beauty products, I must have spent a fortune over the years. A couple of years ago I decided to go back to basics, but I had so many products that I am still using some of them up!! However, the bulk of my routine has been streamlined, I am well on my way t a zero waste beauty routine and I am much happier for it.

Face and body wash: I use to have a premium face wash and mid range shower gels. Now I use Dr Bronner’s Castile Soap. I have to say it’s amazing. It’s gentle enough to use on my face and leaves it clean. It’s cost effective too as I only use a few drop for my entire face and body. I plan to make my own soaps…when I get around to it!

Face scrub: I use to use the dreaded micro-beads, you know the ones that have contaminated our sea water and ended up in the fish’s bellies. Did no one think about the consequence of outing tiny plastic beads into the water system? It makes me mad that we appear to have no system in place to ensure decisions are based on common sense! Anyway, I now use baking soda – a zero waste beauty staple. I have a glass bottle  with a metal top that has holes in it. I shake some into my hand and gently rub over damp skin.

Face mask: My perfect face mask is Bodyshop’s Blue Corn Scrub. I would love to go back to it but it’s so heavy on packaging. Instead I’ve switched to Fullers Earth. It is good, just doesn’t feel as luxurious. It’s also super cheap! You can also use it on your body but who’s got time for that?

Toothpaste: I use a toothpaste for sensitive teeth but I did use baking soda for a while which was amazing – my teeth felt so clean, much cleaner than they feel with my toothpaste but unfortunately I have sensitive teeth so can’t use the baking soda on a regular basis. Also, my dentist said the fluoride in toothpaste is essential to tooth health.

Mouthwash: I always had mouthwash knocking around in the bathroom. It’s always been too strong for me to use everyday. Now I make my own mouthwash I love using it, it’s refreshingly zingy and so easy to make – zero waste beauty is often the easiest kind. I just fill a bottle with filtered water, although tap water will do just fine, and add a few drops of peppermint essential oil. I’ve recently started adding clove oil to the mix because that’s meant to be good for the mouth.

Moisturiser: This is my absolute best beauty secret. It has saved me time and oh so much money. I have totally done away with regular cream on my face and body. Instead I apply sweet almond oil, bought in bulk, on my face and body when it is still wet from the shower then pat myself dry with a towel. This is a game changer. It saves so much time, really it does. I have now got a collection of essential oils to make it smell nice. I’ve been doing this for a couple of years now, topping up with any old cream when I feel I need an extra boost, and my skin looks just as good as it did when I used premium products. And no, my skin doesn’t look oily 🙂

Deodorant: Gone are the days of roll-ons and sprays. I now use a crystal stick on wet skin – the ultimate zero waste beauty product. It took a couple of weeks to get use to but I just can’t go back now. I love it. It lasts for ages so creates less waste.

Body scrub: I have never found a body scrub that actually works, well not until now. I’m using epsom salts mixed with sweet almond oil with some essential oils (which are entirely optional). It is absolutely amazing, seriously!! My feet are the smoothest they have ever been, well since childhood at least.

So that’s my zero waste beauty routine!