Busy mum and entrepreneur Wendy joins me to chat food hacks! And who better to share hacks than Wendy – she’s helps busy mums create positive lifestyle habits so they can feel more energised and fulfilled…how cool is that?!

We both love food and, as you will find out, we both love a natter, so we got together for a chinwag.

I love Wendy’s “just change one thing” mantra….which creates a domino effect.

Wendy shares her hacks for filling breakfasts, delicious lunches and fast dinners. She’s nailed cooking wholesome tasty food for the family even when she’s knackered and rushed off her feet.

This podcast is full of nuggets of good advice: when to have breakfast, how to add more protein to your breakfast, how to stay fuller for longer, lunches from leftovers, batch cook Sundays and how to deal with a lack of freezer space!

Check out Wendy’s “What type of busy mum are you?” quiz on her website – see the links below.

Happy Cooking 🙂 x

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