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It's that time of year: send your kids off in style

It’s that time of year again….term time – a time that is filled with anxiety and a mad rush to get everything ready for that day when you wave goodbye to your little one and it dawns on you..they’re a grown up!

One major worry is what the hell they are going to eat! Yep, I hear you, you’re worried they’re going to waste away, eat rubbish and not be able to concentrate on their studies. Well, worry not. My latest podcast provides an easy guide to constructing a balanced meal as well as how to batch cook and pimp up meals so that one cook up can become three different meals. I’ve taken some of those tips and put them in this post to pass on to your kids.

And that got me thinking, you probably want to send your kid off to uni with good food and some treats to put a smile on their face when they’re missing home. So I reached out to my foodie friends, all small producers, to see if they had any nice treats to pack for your kids. And they didn’t disappoint!

You know by now that I love sharing my cooking hacks but today I am going further and sharing cooking tips from each of these producers…yep they did feel the pressure when I asked them to contribute but I was thrilled with their hacks. And these hacks are great for “grown ups” too.

So here goes….happy reading 🙂

Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is apparently the most important meal of the day. Whether you agree or not, it is one you don’t want your kids to miss. So the key is to keep breakfasts simple….and prepare as much as they can the night before so that they can just grab and go in the morning if they find they don’t have time to sit down and eat in the morning.

Cereal is an easy option. You can get containers that keep the cereal and milk separate which are great for taking breakfast out with you. Other options are overnight oats and porridge. If they have time and fancy baking ahead of time they can make breakfast biscuits or muffins…imagine how smug they’ll feel when they devour them during class 🙂

And don’t forget the drink. A hot tea is perfect for autumn and winter. Or if they are eating their breakfasts at uni they could also take a drink with them…in a cool flask of course 🙂

Breakfast time is the perfect time to have a treat…not necessarily unhealthy treat but a luxury treat – something to start the day off in a nice way.

Here are some examples breakfast ideas for you:


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You won’t need to worry about your kids missing breakfast with this luxury granola. It comes beautifully presented in a reusable glass jar. They also do tea and biscuits!

A jar is £12 on their website JAITEA

Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.



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Want a caffeine boost without the jitters? Why not have a cup of Matcha? 100% powdered green tea, with the same caffeine content as coffee, with no crashes. And better still, they are consciously sourced, vegan and plastic free.

£4 on their website. Very Craftea

Follow them on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.




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Just add milk to this porridge kit and bung it in the microwave. And it’s eco-friendly with its compostable packaging.

£1.75 on this website. Porridge Kit

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Lunch Ideas

Lunch is an easy meal so I won’t spend too long on it. But again, I must stress the importance of preparing it the night before so they can grab it and go in the morning. Yes, I know sandwiches taste better if they are fresh but prepping ahead of time is a good way to avoid chips and burgers everyday at the student union bar.

Another great idea is to take leftovers into uni. If it is a hot dish then there is a little prep to do in the morning: put some boiled water into the flask for a few minutes then pour out and put in your hot food – it will keep their food hotter for longer.


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Dinner Ideas

This is the big one. I can’t list everything here – for the full lowdown listen to my podcast.

Components of a meal

It helps to think of meals as constructed of four elements: protein, carbs, veg and the “extra factor”. The “extra factor” is the flavour e.g. the curry sauce, the spice rub, herbs seasonings and also the texture and visual appeal e.g. toasted seeds, yogurt, garnishes. Once you start thinking about meals in this way it becomes very easy to swap individual components to create completely different meals e.g. swap rice for cous cous, chicken for lamb, curry powder for tagine mix. The combinations are endless!

TIP from Gouri of Holy Lama Spice Drops: let’s face it, you’ll have the odd Pot Noodle. BUT try this hack to make it healthier…add spinach, an egg and a couple of drops of their spice drops if you have them. I’ve got to try this 🙂

Batch cook

A great idea is to cook three meals worth in one go: eat one there and then, eat the second for lunch, then repurpose the third portion into two new meals by pimping them up. I go into more detail in my podcast but briefly, they can transform a meal into something unrecognisable so that they won’t feel like they are eating the same thing over and over again. So for tagine and cous cous, the cous cous can be turned into a salad and the meat from the tagine can be used in place of a burger (yes, it will be amazing) and the sauce can be used to pimp up rice and pulses for another meal. There are many more tips in my podcast and also on my Facebook and Instagram pages.

TIP: Here’s a tip to revamp leftover pasta fro Vicky at Pasta and Play:

Mix together 100 grams diced cheese (something that melts) and 100g diced bacon with 2 tsp tomato paste. Add any leftover veg and mix. Add 400g leftover pasta, 6 eggs and if the mixture is too thick and half a glass of milk. Mix well, line a cake tin and bake for 20-25min at 180C until crispy on top – leave it for 5 more minutes if you want it more crispy.

Spice blends and sauces

When it comes to the “extra factor”, it might be easier to start with a ready made blend of spices or sauce. Check out these options:


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What an amazing idea? Check out these drops full of flavour to add to drinks, food and baking! They’re quick, waste free and there are 35 flavours to choose from!

£5.00 other website

Holy Lama Spice Drops

Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.



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Make it easy to make a curry. They also do cooking classes and have a curry club where you get a fresh set of spices each month.

£2.99 for a spice pack.

Lajina’s shop

Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.



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These meal kits take hassle out of cooking so they are perfect for students. Each blend takes just ten minutes to prepare so you can spend more time enjoying the day.

From £2.75

Shop Now

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Add a kick to your food with no hassle!

From £3.99 on their website.


Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.




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Just add meat or veg, tomatoes and water to this tagine kit and bung it in the oven. And it’s eco-friendly with its compostable packaging.

£2.75 on this website. Tagine Kit

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Spice it up, whether it’s a fakeaway or just sprinkling on chips: this will transform your meals. And it’s eco-friendly with its compostable packaging.

£2.75 on this website. Peri Peri Kit

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Cooking Tips

Here are some tips to get you in and out of the kitchen in super quick time:

Cut down on washing up

The sight of a sink full of dirty dishes after dinner is the last thing you want, but it is super easy to stop that from happening:

wash as you go.

  • As soon as you finish with something wash or rinse it.
  • It will take less time to wash as the food won’t have had time to dry up and it will be more pleasant to cook without things piling up.
  • and if you need it again you can always grab it.

use as few items as possible

  • plan the order of your cooking so that you can reuse pans and bowls
  • for example, if making a crumble, cook the fruit with sugar and cinnamon in the microwave in the dish you will be baking it. Once cooked, add crumble and bake.
  • use freezer bags to mix things if the kitchen is really dirty – try to opt for reusable ones to keep it eco friendly

use stainless steel mixing bowls and utensils

  • stainless steel is so much easier to clean

use non-stick pans

  • wash as soon as you have finished with it

Learn to cook

So believe it or not, we all had to learn to cook. The best way is to get involved at home.

Learn at home

  • start small: if you’re not use to helping out then help for for 5 minutes and build it up.
  • start with the basics: it can be overwhelming to start with a whole meal so pick something you can learn comfortably and replicate then move on to more complicated stuff
  • watch your favourite dishes being prepared and slowly learn to cook the whole thing

Courses, books and online

The good news is that there are lots of ways to learn – cookbooks, cooking classes, cooking coaching, YouTube, Instagram. If you want to learn, there are ways to learn. Check out these options:

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Perfect to inspire new cooks.



For more quick cook recipes follow us on FacebookInstagram, Pinterest and listen to the Podcast.

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Learn to make your own pasta…and impress your new friends 🙂


book here

Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook? Get them a cooking coaching session with Virtuelicious to discover what’s holding them back and you won’t be able to get them out of the kitchen!

From £20

Add to Cart

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Sometimes they just won’t want to cook, or they’ll fancy a treat. At those times a takeaway might be a good idea. During these formative years it’s a great time to try new cuisines to help develop the tastebuds and figure out how things are meant to taste so that when they do cook they know what they are aiming for. It’s such a nice feeling to recreate a meal you’ve enjoyed.

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Can’t be bothered to cook? Check if these guys deliver to your area. And for you lucky people at Imperial College and Canterbury University in Kent, you can grab a meal from their vending machine!

£4.99 on their website.

Yum Chop

Follow them on FacebookInstagram and YouTube.




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Treat them to a takeaway 🙂 These halal frozen ready meals have no additives or preservatives.

£5.00 on their website, delivery nationwide

Dining Eating

Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


Gadgets and utensils

If you can stretch your gadgets there are some brilliant gadgets and utensils out there. Here are a few of my essentials:

bullet blenders

  • these are amazing: use them to chop onions, garlic and ginger; make smoothies and soups; sauces and salsas.
  • the great thing about them is that they save time and washing up.

chopping boards

  • you can get pans of three plastic ones quite cheaply and they’re great because they are colour coded and take up very little space
  • keep separate colours for raw meat, cooked meat and veg

knife and knife sharpener

  • you need a couple of knives ideally – one big one and one small one
  • make sure you sharpen your knife each time you use it, it makes such a difference

silicone pastry brush

  • I use this to grease baking dishes and also pans to cut down on how much oil I need.
  • silicone ones are so much easier to clean

stainless steel items:

  •  grater: trust me when I say this, a stainless steel grater is so much easier to clean and will last a lifetime. It’s really worth the extra money. And get one that is completely stainless steel – no plastic bits.
  • mixing bowls: these are so easy to clean and stack really well together. They aren’t expensive either. Get at least three. And different sizes if you can.: you can also use them as serving bowls
  • peeler: once again, a stainless steel peeler will last a lifetime and can take on the toughest of veg. Mine is almost as old as I am, as is my grater.
  • sieve: no need for a colander and a sieve. You can rest the sieve in a stainless steel mixing bowl. If you are getting a colander then a stainless steel one is a must.


  • one frying pan and one sauce pan should do you. Non stick is perfect but it does help to have one stainless steel pan as well as not everything cooks as well in non-stick.

silicone spatula and wooden spoons

  • you don’t want to scratch your non-stick pans!

silicone baking trays

  • they are so much easier to use and clean. They really are worth the investment.

oven gloves

  • seriously worth having


  • a must f0r following recipes.
  • use the tare option at the beginning and after adding every ingredient: pressing tare resets the weight to zero.
  • use them to measure liquid too – I usually assume that 1ml is equal to 1gram and it usually works out just fine. Oil is denser so I go for 0.85ml is equal to 1 gram. TIP: use the measuring cup that comes with liquid medicines to measure out teaspoons and tablespoons.
  • Get a fold up one to save precious cupboard space.
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The big night out

University isn’t just about studying…socialising is a massive part of uni life. And you’ll want them to get it right. What better way to cement friendships that to invite friends over for a pre-party and provide them with snacks they will remember and tell everyone else about too!

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Healthy snacks? They do exist! Air dried crisps hit the spot without all the nasties.

50% off until 7 September: now 70p on their website


Follow them on Facebook and Instagram

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They’ll love these awesome snacks. They have lots of exciting flavours and they don’t just do nuts!!! Perfect for their snack stash.

From £1 on their website.

New York Delhi

Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.




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Make your own energy balls, dust in cocoa and serve them up to get you ready for your night out. And it’s eco-friendly with its compostable packaging.

£2.75 on this website. ENERGY BALL KIT

Get more quick cook tips on FacebookInstagram, PinterestTwitter and the Podcast.




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Show them you love them with this Candy Covered Oreo

£3.00 on their website.


Follow Irma on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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Calling all eco warriors…these pasta straws mean you can have you drink and be kind to the environment

From £3.49.


Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


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This alternative to popcorn is a healthy snack for when they want a boost! Get 10% off when you sign up on their website.

See Dewi’s vegan chocolate mousse recipe.

From £2.50 on their website.

Oh Lily

Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.




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Olive Oil and Halloumi straight from Cyprus…can you imaging how well this will go down?!

Rob’s tip: dice fresh halloumi and pop it in your hot soup – hello halloumi croutons ?

From £3.50.


Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


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Here’s a tip from Dewi of Oh Lily (the popped water lily seeds):


This is such a simple recipe- just two ingredients and it tastes SO delicious!
1 can of chickpeas: for the brine only (now known as aquafaba), keep the chickpeas for hummus or a curry!
200g of dark chocolate
Oh ya that’s it! Ok you’ ll probably need an electronic whisker ?
1. Whisk the aquafaba until stiff peaks form.
2. Melt the chocolate.
3. Add the fluffy aquafaba into the chocolate little by little until all combined, folding in gently so as not to lose the bubbles of the aquafaba
4. Pour in a glass of your choice, sprinkle with some love and top it with your favourite chocolate popped water lily seeds.
Bon appétit!
And what about this to wash it down, curtesy of Chris from Koffee:


Top a shot of espresso with ice cold tonic:  sounds weird maybe but we promise you will feel uplifted and ready to get social again!

The morning after

A vital part of planning a big night out is to be prepared for the next day…yep, it’s time to acknowledge that they’ll be going “out out”.

They can make the morning after that little better by making sure they have batch cooked meals in the fridge and breakfast prepared in case they are in no fit state to cook. They’ll want to rehydrate so it’s a good idea that they go to bed with a big glass of water by their bed and drinks that pack a punch. Tip: they’ll be thankful in the morning if they put the drinks by the bed before they go out.


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Kombucha is all the rage at the moment and these flavours are keeping it fresh. What a great way to look after yourself and feel uplifted!

£30 for 6 bottles on their website.

Good Koffee

Follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.




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Fighter Shots are the perfect hangover cure! Enjoy your big nights out without worrying about the next day!

12 shots for £26.


Follow them on Instagram.

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Gosh this packs a punch…full of warming spices and comforting cocoa and cinnamon plus a hit of chilli. You’ll be up and about it no time. And it’s eco-friendly with its compostable packaging.

£2.75 on this website. FEEL GOOD TEA

Get more quick cook tips on FacebookInstagram, PinterestTwitter and the Podcast.




The essential: chocolate

When we went into lockdown, whilst others were loading up on loo rolls I was clearing the supermarket aisles of chocolate – to me it’s an essential. Check out these wonderful ideas to show them you are missing them:

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Quirky chocolate like this biscuit one…they are sure to bring a smile to your kid’s face 🙂

This bar is £5.60 on their website.

Iguana Chocolate

Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.




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Send them a chocolate or sweet with a personalised wrapper: go on…tell them you miss them 🙂

Price from £2.99.


Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


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 Treat your loved one before they go with a box of these hand painted chocolates.

Get a selection from £13.


Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


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