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Making Cooking Easy


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Want to spend less time cooking but still want delicous homemade food?

I’ll guide you through my framework to cut down the time you spend in the kitchen and up your cooking game.

You will fall in love with cooking. It will no longer be a chore.  You’ve got this!


You can be the cook you always wanted to be!

Subscriptions, Gift Vouchers and One-to-One Cook Coaching

  • 3 hour cooking week

    3 Hour Cooking Week: Online Session Plus Plan


Books and Courses

  • 3 hour cooking week

    3 Hour Cooking Week e-Book

  • Meal Planning Course

  • Meal Planner Journal

    Meal Planner Journal



Ten minute quick cook kits: you’ll want to show off your food!

Curated Boxes

  • Indian recipe kit

    Indian feast kit

  • Moroccan Feast Kit

    Moroccan Feast Kit

  • Fakeaway Kit

    Fakeaway Bundle

  • BBQ Blends

    BBQ Blends

  • Camping Kit

    Camping Kit


Individual Kits

  • curry kit

    Curry Recipe Kit

  • home made energy balls

    Energy Bar Recipe Kit

  • mac n' cheese

    Mac n’ cheese magic kit

  • Falafel kit

    Falafel kit

  • Flatbread Fast


  • Tagine kit

    Tagine Recipe Kit

  • rice pudding kit

    Rice Pudding Kit

  • pakora kit

    Pakora kit

  • Risotto kit

    Risotto kit

  • Breakfast biscuit baking kit

    Breakfast Biscuit Recipe Kit

  • dal kit

    Dhal Recipe Kit

  • Porridge kit

    Porridge kit

  • muffin baking kit

    Muffins Recipe Kit

  • hummus kit

    Hummus Recipe Kit

  • Bread baking kit

    Bread Recipe Kit

  • peri peri seasoning

    Peri peri kit

  • chai masala

    Chai Masala

  • Feel Good Tea

    Feel Good Tea

  • Christmas Cake Kit

    Christmas Cake Kit

  • Vegetable Stock

    Vegetable Stock

  • BBQ Sauce

    BBQ Sauce Kit



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