How to Make Christmas Cake to Your Tastes and WIth Just a Few Minutes in the Kitchen

Do you dream of making your own Christmas cake but never get round to it? Why is that? Could it be because it takes so long and it’s a bit of a faff? Well if that’s you then don’t worry, I’ve got your back.

Or are you one of those people that just don’t like Christmas cake? Neither did I until I developed my amazing recipe tailored to my taste.

In this episode I’m going to go over how I made my Christmas cake into a quick and easy affair and how I tweaked the recipe so that I actually enjoyed eating it! In fact, I actually look forward to it and can’t resist a nibble when no one’s looking!!

After listening to this episode you will be fully armed with everything you need to make a Christmas cake you and your family will enjoy with just a few minutes of your time in the kitchen.

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