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Camping Kit


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Camping will never be the same again! Now you can make your favourite meals at the campsite without the hassle.

In this money saving bundle you will get a selection of our amazingly easy and delicious kits to make wholesome, filling meals, desserts, snacks and even a spicy warm drink to sip around the fire. As with all our kits you add the fresh ingredients to match you diet, budget and lifestyle. Oh, and did we say that they only take ten minutes of prep time plus cooking?

This bundle is great for four people.

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Do you love camping but hate the stodgy processed food that so often comes with it? Or bored of bangers and burgers?

Would you like to find a way to cook wholesome delicious one pot food without the fuss and minimal washing up?

Cook up a curry, peri peri kebabs with hummus and slow barbecued meat or veg in a finger lickin' hot and sweet barbecue sauce followed by a dessert of chocolate flavoured energy balls all washed down with a warming cup of chai masala tea or how about a mug of warning cocoa with chai spices?

We supply the kits and you add the fresh ingredients according to what you fancy. Go veggie or vegan by using tofu or paneer. For the slow cooked barbecue meal you could use tinned jackfruit - very fashionable and super easy (just remember to hide the tin so they think you spent the whole time slaving away over hot coals).

See individual products for product information. Included in this bundle are the curry kit, barbecue kit, peri peri kit, hummus kit, energy bar kit and chai masala:



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