How to make hummus without tahini


How to make hummus without tahini

Hummus is a much loved dip in my home, ever since I was a kid when I would visit my Greek and Turkish friends whose parents made it effortlessly. It was truly delicious. But try as I might, I have never been able to get it just right when making it myself…at least not until I invented my no tahini hummus blend for Virtuelicious.

I wanted to make it easy to make hummus at home. As with all my products, it had to be healthy, nonperishable and super easy to make. When I invent my blends I have a habit of deconstructing recipes and reconstructing them so that we can cut out unnecessarily time consuming steps. My hummus kit is no exception. I rarely have tahini in the fridge and when I do I never seem to use it up. I wanted to be able to make hummus whenever I want to without wasting a whole jar of tahini. So I simply replaced the tahini with ground sesame seeds. I added in seasonings and garlic powder and all of a sudden I have a blend that I can add to mashed up chick peas whenever I want a hit of hummus. To avoid having too much oil, I use the water from the tin of chick peas and if I have yogurt I add a bit of that too to loosen the mixture. See the video for this exact recipe.

And that’s it, that’s how I make hummus without tahini.

Pimp it up…

And to take it to the next level top with olive oil, chopped parsley and paprika…all optional obvs. Serve with flatbread or pitta and salad. In the picture you’ll see a red sauce – that’s a fresh chilli sauce made by blitzing salad veg tomatoes and green chillis, salt, pepper and lemon juice. And the ultimate addition to this is falafel. Seriously, if you try this you will be making it again, it just tastes so good.

All the kit…

Here are the kits I used to make the hummus and flatbread, just in case you’d like the hard work done for you: Hummus Recipe Kit and Flatbread Fast Recipe Kit. And here’s the Falafel kit.