The fabulous Lisa Gillbe joins me to chat food and fashion…and believe me, this episode has had a hugely positive impact on me.

We thought it would be nice to kick back and have a chat about how food and fashion are important in making us feel good, something that’s especially important right now.

Lisa shares top tips for dressing in lockdown, how food and fashion provide us with the comfort we need right now. We even chat about how food and fashion move in cycles, reminiscing Angel Delight and 70’s orange.

Lisa is a fantastic stylist….since this chat I have been inspired to dress better and in fact I have completely rehauled my wardrobe..not by buying new clothes but by taking out the stuff that was no longer serving me well. And I’ve been making the effort to do my hair and make up…not much but just enough.

Grab a cuppa and join in the natter 🙂

You’ve got to check out her Instagram and Pinterest accounts and don’t miss Lisa’s style guide which is great for figuring out what body shape you are.




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