Here are the questions our customers frequently ask us:

What type of meal kits do you make?

Every meal is important so we have quick cook kits for making delicious breakfasts, lunches, dinners and even snacks. For example:

  • curry
  • tagine
  • falafel
  • pakora
  • sticky toffee pudding
  • porridge
  • energy balls
  • risotto
  • and so much more….

Why use your kits?

Delicious blends to which you add fresh ingredients to make ten minute meals – we do the hard work for you.

  • quick cook kits – little packages of dry ingredients to help you cook savoury and sweet dishes quickly
  • add your own fresh ingredients to create delicious meals you can feel virtuous about
  • add your main ingredient according to your diet, budget and lifestyle
  • we only use ingredients that could be found in a well stocked kitchen – no nasties
  • no oil so you are in control of the fat content
  • zero waste – portion sized kits and compostable packaging so no food or packaging waste

Do they really take 10 minutes to prep?

Yes 🙂 We’ve added all the base ingredients. Our savoury dishes like tagine and curry include onion, garlic and ginger so you just prep your main ingredients. Our baking kits have all the dry ingredients so you just need to add the fresh and liquid ingredients e.g. eggs, oil and milk. It’s so easy!

Is your packaging compostable?

Absolutely! Please do compost the packaging. You can compost it in your home compost bin.

Do I need to add onion and garlic when I use the curry and tagine kits?

No, they already have onion and garlic so you you don’t have to bother with all that! BUT if you have onions, garlic or ginger knocking around and you have the time feel free to add them in. We encourage you to add your own style to our quick cook kits.

What are your brand values?

Virtuelicious – A Very Nice Idea

We are values driven.  We are proud to uphold our values and invite others to do the same

Our Values: A Very Nice Idea

A – Assiduously adhering to our values and mission. All significant decisions are made with reference to our values.

Very (we go the extra mile): We go the extra mile in everything we do. Our passion is evident in our commitment to forge ahead with our vision to combat food and packaging waste.

Nice (do the right thing): It’s all about doing the right thing – by our customers, suppliers, team, people and of course, the planet! We realise that our actions have a wide impact…so we must be nice!!!!

Idea (challenge the status quo): Doing things a certain way just because everyone else is doing it is not good enough. We do what we do in the way we do it because we truly believe it is the best option.

The packaging is a little fragile.

We understand this can be frustrating and ask for your patience on this, although the packages rarely break. There are very few companies that produce home compostable food grade packaging in the UK so our options are limited. We feel strongly that we must take steps towards a waste free future and feel the compromise is worth it. If we can make compostable packaging the norm more compostable packaging options will become available. Join the crusade.

We go to great lengths to ensure that we source our ingredients and packaging from people that care about doing the right thing as much as we do. We don’t compromise on our zero-waste ambition, using only compostable packaging. We support British producers wherever we can, which has the advantage of reducing air miles which can only be a good thing. We also look for smaller companies to work with, just like supporting independent shops on the high street.


Our food is sourced from workers’ cooperatives wherever possible. There have been times where this hasn’t been possible, for example when they don’t have something we need or when we only need a few things that come nowhere near the minimum order amount. In workers’ cooperatives everyone owns a share of the business so all employees are treated as equals with a fair wage and responsibilities. A typical worker could be stacking shelves in the morning and making marketing decisions in the afternoon. What better form of motivation and development opportunities? Paying a fair wage increase prices and these prices are passed on to customers but we have done everything we can to keep costs down.

Packaging (compostable)

Our packaging comes from Vegware, a UK company specialising in compostable food ware products. We have found it hard to find food grade compostable packaging in the UK and so our packaging is limited to two sizes. We are hoping that in time compostable food packaging will become the main form of food packaging and it will be easier to source. If you know of any other suitable products please do get in touch and let us know. We are thirsty for more options!!

Labels (compostable)

We have also found it hard to find compostable labels at a reasonable price so we use plain old paper instead. See, we will not compromise on what we believe in!

Where can I buy your quick cook kits from?

Our meal kits are available through our online shop on this website. Click here to see them.