The sun has got his hat on and he’s coming out to play. So get the coals on the bbq and let’s celebrate.
In this episode I share with you my tips and tricks for an easy but tasty bbq. 
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Listen now to hear how I make have a bbq a doddle. I’ll cover: 
Key principles: 

keep prep easy and limit the number items that you make
make it easy for people to help themselves to the food


choose just a couple of mains.
shop bought it fine
if making it yourself then choose low prep meat or fish and a marinade 
the veg option should be a course in its own right – swap meat for tofu (tofoo is my favourite brand), veg sausages and burgers, bean burgers, halloumi or paneer


make as easy as poss, use a processor – salsa and coleslaw are great for this

potato and pasta salad are good make-ahead options


corn on the cob, roasted veg, portobello mushrooms


warm bread on the coals, it makes it taste like fresh bread
buns – brioche are all the rage at the moment
other options include rice (great with kebabs), cous cous, bugler wheat and potato – baked or wedges. 


make your own if you like or buy it:
options include: bbq sauce, peri peri, chilli sauce, ketchup, mayo, yogurt with herbs and other flavours mixed in, mustard


fired onions
crudités – use veg that requires very little prep e.g. baby vegetable, sugar snaps, veg that is easy to chop e.g. cucumber and peppers


choose desserts that don’t require a lot of effort to serve up e.g.
homemade ice lollies

juice and water
milk and chocolate/strawberry/rose syrup, milkshake powder?
milk and fruit

fruit salad
grilled fruit – sliced pineapple or peaches charred on the bbq
ice cream


punch – both non alcoholic and alcoholic
glass identifiers (permeant marker for disposable glasses, stem rings for wine glasses, liquid chalk markers for glasses

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