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In this episode I chat about how I managed to cook three meals a day for seven days in just three hours!!

I had no idea that I could spend such little time cooking….and in the episode I give away nuggets from my 3 Hour Cooking Week Plan including how to save time by:

  • cooking different components of each meal at the most efficient times
  • batch cooking where poss
  • using different components in different ways to optimise my time spent in the kitchen

For example:

  • I make pancake batter ahead of time when I am free
  • I make extra batter and keep keep it in the fridge in a jam jar so that it is ready for the next time I want pancakes
  • I make sweet and savoury pancakes

I also chat about how the basis of my 3 Hour Cooking Week Plan revolves around the meal plan, shopping list, prep plan and instructions.

I know you’ll love this episode…I certainly enjoyed recording it 🙂

Happy Cooking 🙂

Avni x

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