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In this episode of the podcast we are talking about when I thought I recipe compared to when I don’t follow a recipe and also when I’ll take the middleground and take inspiration from a recipe but go off on my own tangent 🙂

I might follow a recipe when I want to learn new techniques, experiment with new cuisines or flavours, or I just want to indulge in the joy of cooking.

But then there are times when I might not want to follow recipe, or I might want to tweak a recipe. I might do that when I am limited by the type of ingredients I have, for example by what’s in season or what needs using up in the fridge. I may also tweak a recipe to cater to my own taste, or to make it suitable to a particular diet e.g. vegetarian or to make it healthy.

Here’s the recipe for the orange cake we will be discussing in the Clubhouse chat on Tuesday at 6pm (send me a message through any of the Virtuelicious social media channels and I’ll send you the link):

I hope you enjoy this episode, I’d love to hear from you.

Happy Eating 🙂 x

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