Wow, what a year! 

It’s being doing my nut…

I’m hoping to spread a little Christmas cheer

Gyms are shut

We can’t flex our muscles

But we can still have a small Christmas 

Not forgetting the Brussels 

Wow, what a year!

Usually tonight I’d be sipping on beer!

Hope you liked my little poem 🙂

In this short episode I reveal how we cheat at Christmas….yep I know I’m the cook from scratch queen but sometimes we just need to do what feels right. And right now is one of those times. After all, I’m not perfect, I’m human. So join me to hear what Christmas dinner is like in our house. Believe me, you will feel like a domestic god(dess) when you hear about my cheats. And listen to the end to hear about my quick and easy cranberry sauce made from juice. Oh and it’s healthy too!

It’s been a crazy year so I am wishing you the Merriest of Christmases. Stay safe xx

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