As I’ve been operating in the eco space for a while now I’ve met quite a few ecopreneurs and I’m always inspired by their commitment to doing the right thing which is one of my brand values. And as this is the season of the Virtual Christmas Market I thought it would be nice to bring together a group of wonderful

Here’s a list of the sellers along with the timestamp:

4.10 Reverse the tide, eco friendly shop and community with Sally

13.20 One Girl and Her Thermie with Ankita

19.40 Betty and Bill’s homemade note cards and Paper with Samantha

26.20 Tentshare: tent marketplace with Rebecca Heaps

30.45 The Scenic Route organic and recycled clothing with Amber

38.55 CoCo Nation coconut cups with Chanaka

41.25 Rewind Glass bottles turned into glasses and clocks with Fiona

47.15 Tattymoo repurposing clothes with Julia

51.15 Kindpreneur eco-friendly marketplace with Karen

55.05 FrigginWell mindfulness shower pack, Klaudia

62.05 Juice Plus+ with Nicky



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