Bread making can be quick. And I have a special guest who knows all about baking to share her top tips to make the quickest of breads – flatbread.

As usual, we have a good old chinwag and I randomly share my top tip for calming the fire in your mouth when you eat too much chilli….and we get carried away coming up with new recipes – how about a chocolate version? And we talk about how flatbreads are great to get kids interested in cooking and trying new foods.

Links are at the bottom of the show notes – including how to get on the waitlist for my brand spanking new meal planner journal that will save you tons of time in the kitchen and how to get your hands on my ten minute Christmas Cake Kit…as well as a sneak into what’s coming up in the next episode.

After listening to this show you won’t have to look at a recipe book again to make flatbread. You’ll know

  • the basic recipe
  • different ways you can use flatbread
  • how to change the recipe to make the flat bread flat or fluffy – Rhiannon explains the chemistry behind what makes it fluffy
  • how to add different flavours to the flatbread to make it your own
  • how to save time by batch cooking and refreshing it so that it tastes like fridge
  • what types of dough can be made ahead of time and what needs to be used straight away

Want to try my flatbread kit? Click here:

Here’s a video of Rhiannon making flatbread on her facebook page: and here’s her website where you can book her online baking classes:

My new meal planner journal will be out soon and I just know you’re going to love it. I’ve been trialling it out and it’s saving me loads of time. Sign up here and I’ll let you know when it’s ready:

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