Pinky is a busy entrepreneur and single mother who just doesn’t have time to cook….until she fell in love with her slow cooker.

Slow cooking isn’t something that I have done a lot before so I couldn’t wait to get her on my show…not just because I knew that she would make a great guest but also so that I could pick her brains. And now I can’t wait to get mu slow cooker out!!

On the menu for today in Pinky’s house is butternut squash, chick pea and spinach curry so I asked her to go through the process step by step so that we can cook it ourselves. Guess what? She was right, it is really easy.

Pinky’s other favourites includes bolognese, stews and soups and her tips on making these are real game changers.

And Pinky just happens to be a fan of cooking with alcohol…both putting it in the dish and consuming it whilst cooking. A girl after my own heart 🙂

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Happy Cooking 🙂 x

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