Hey hey hey!
Can washing up every be a joy? I think not! BUT there are things that I have learnt along the way that makes it easier.
And that’s how I managed to talk about washing up for nearly half an hour!
Here’s some of the stuff I talk about:

pros and cons of different sizes of dishwashers
my favourite pans
may favourite make of utensils https://www.josephjoseph.com
what I put in the dishwasher and what I will NEVER put into the dishwasher!
my favourite dishwasher tablets
how I save time hand washing my pans
my favourite scourer and why I think it’s worth investing: https://www.homebargains.co.uk/products/18302-elbow-grease-scrubbing-pad.aspx
the best washing up gloves I have found. I got them cheaper elsewhere: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Elbow-Grease-Household-Medium-Rubber/dp/B084D76GNB

Harriet Holme left a cooking hack: such a good hack that I love…worth a listen to the episode just for that. Harriet is a nutritionist with loads of experience specialising in pregnancy..she’s even written books on the subject! I’m sure she won’t mind if I include a link to here freebies: https://linktr.ee/healthyeatingdr
I have created a meal planner journal…well I have almost created it. But I couldn’t wait to tell you all about it  because I think it’s going to be sooooo helpful. If you’re interested and would like to know when it goes live just click the link below…no obligation….just window shopping 🙂 https://mailchi.mp/690a91ed13a7/mealplannerpodcast10
Lastly, here’s the link to get to know when the Christmas Cake Kit is ready and get your 10% discount just for registering 🙂 https://mailchi.mp/e151ba156b0c/lx746ujww4
Happy Cooking 🙂 x

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