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I want to help you become the kind of cook you want to be. Yes, you CAN juggle a busy work life, family commitments and social life whilst eating the food you really want to eat…I’ll show you hacks to make the delicious homemade food you always dreamt of. Whether it’s breakfasts, snacks or dinners, there’s a meal kit for you. Why not try the Indian Feast Kit or the Moroccan Feast Kit…you’ll love them all! 

My meal kits give you the freedom to eat your food your way – add your own fresh ingredients to our little packages of flavour to create delicious meals you can feel virtuous about.

I’ve always hated waste – wasted food, resources, time, effort…life would be much simpler without waste. The reason for starting this business was because I lived in a flat with limited kitchen cupboard space. When I moved I had the opportunity to clear my cupboards of outdated food taking up valuable space. There was stuff in there that was over 10 years old! Seriously! I’d hung on to it for all those years thinking I’d would get around to using it one day, but that day never came. So in the bin it all went…food and packaging.  Heartbreaking! Sound familiar? That’s why I decided that something had to change. So I set up Virtuelicious to provide meal kits in portion sizes so you don’t have to buy a whole packet of Allspice (and so many other ingredients) for one recipe like I did! I really hope you enjoy making the meals using our meal kits and would love to know what you think. Happy eating x

How it Works

Easy delivery fits through your letter box so you don't need to be home. No fresh food so you don't have to worry about getting it in the fridge straight away. Subscribe for a monthly delivery or order what you want when you want. 

We supply the dry ingredients and you add the wet and fresh ingredients. It's up to you - vegan, meat, fish, organic, full fat, low fat.

These quick cook kits are made to save you time in the kitchen - all kits take just ten minutes to in the kitchen to prepare. Whilst your meal cooks you have time for the more important things in life. Make mealtimes enjoyable again. 

10 Minute Prep Time

All my meal kits take just ten miuites of your time in the kitchen then let your cooker do the hard work. After all, I don’t want to spend a long time in the kitchen everyday. 

No Food Waste

I set up Virtuelicious to reduce food waste. I was fed up of buying large amounts of spices and other ingredients that would lie unused in my cupboards for years before being thrown away.

So I offer portion sized kits to eliminate food waste. That’s why I also stick to non-perishable dry goods so that it is less likely to go bad before it gets used and there is no need for added preservatives. You can eat them when you want…as one customer said, “It’s better than a Pot Noodle!”

I keep the carbon footprint down by not adding oil and water which would increase the volume and weight of my meal kits and therefore unnecessarily increase fuel consumption in transportation and packaging. It also means there is no rush to use them before they go off so you can keep my meal kits in the cupboard until you want to use them

No Packaging Waste

I use as little packaging as possible.

  • The bags are composable made from wood pulp
  • I don’t brand the postal boxes because I want to keep them as easy to recycle as possible and I don’t want to create any more waste
  • the labels in the kits are printed double sided and as small as possible and I create as many labels from one piece of paper as possible. 
  • I don’t use staples or glue for the labels to reduce waste
  • Detailed instructions on how to make my kits are online so as to reduce the amount of paper I send out.
Your Diet, Budget and Lifestyle
  • I’ll send you the base flavours and you add the fresh ingredients according to your diet, budget and lifestyle
  • I only use ingredients found in a well stocked kitchen
  • no oil so you are in control of the fat content

Queen of Quick Cooking

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Dare to Dream

Do you remember a time when the milkman delivered milk in bottles which you rinsed and left out for him to collect and reuse once you were done with them? I do! Whatever happened to valuing the resource we have available to us, about respecting it and preserving what we have? It seems that now everything we buy is packaged in some form or other, sometimes triple packed, and we rarely give a thought to the necessity of the packaging. There have been steps taken to reduce packaging – the carrier bag charge goes some way towards it but nowhere near enough. Recycling initiatives are progress but recycling still consumes energy and resources. Best to not use it in the first place. I look forward to a time when we stop this mindless fixation on consumption, I dream of a day when we can take our own containers to the shop and decant our food and drinks…can you imagine decanting milk into your own bottle, buying chocolate by the gram and having no packaging to throw away? Please let your imagination free and help us to achieve a less wasteful future. Dare to dream.